Bird Spring Pass to Walker Pass Campgrounds

May 20th, 2017

I had everything in hand: the starry night, the breeze who was caressing gently, tenderly my cheek,as I was cowboy sleeping, to bring to sleep, the long tiring day. The only thing I was1 missing was my sleep but a Moriarty took it away and I looked in every corner of the night, in every nooks of the clock. I tossed and turn as much I would if I would have counted sheeps. At 445am, after I went in my reserve, as you need always to have some sleep in reserve for those occasion, I scraped the bottom of the barrel and found a few minutes of sleep but it was not enough.

I gave up the search, the reserve and i

I packed my bag and left. I went on climbing the mountain a 4miles with a gain of 1639ft while the Sun, the serial killer, shooting from its ray every stars and the moon.

The climb was indifferent of my lack of sleep. It had the same sinking sand, tight curve, endless shoelace line, and it was make sure I don’t have an eye on the serial killing happening.

My stomach pain decided to come along and give company at my lack of sleep. My feet were seeking attention to stumbling upon rocks and roots and throwing gravel into my shoes. Only my back had compassion for me, maybe it was only the fact I freed him of the 5 extra liters of water.

When I reached the summit, I was back in my open pines forested area with big boulders strew here and there. I love those boulders when they provide enough space to put Sully on and my buttock and they are just at a good height.

I had to put music on because my soul was trapped in this lump of bones and skins and that lump was heavy to carry and no energy to help like a drunkard. My soul need this music to lick and push that lump forward. With the music on, the lump made the miracle of doing more than 12miles by 9am.

The heat was increasing and the descent to the campground was zooming out in front of me.

I had planned to camp at Walker Pass Campground, stay for the night. Sunday morning heading to Lake Isabella to resupply then, on Monday, heading back to the trail by stopping first at Onyx’s post office to get the box I mailed there as they only open Monday to Friday.

I heard from the people on the trail that we were through a long week end so the post office won’t be open on Monday.

I didn’t want to take two days off so my only option is to phone the post office and ship it ahead of me and they keep it for a month so I can do it anytime. It remains that I had to resupply somewhere and a bit more since I don’t have my box. The box contains some breakfast, snacks and dinner.

At 13pm I finish my day at Walker Pass Campground and as I got there, Patriot and Magnum was there and they had secure a ride to Ridgecrest where they intend to stay two at Motel 6. I jumped on bandwagon and, worst case scenario, and stay with them for one night.

As we got to Ridgecrest, I talked to the driver who didn’t mind to drive me back to Walker Pass that same afternoon. I only had get her a sandwich in return.

So she drove me to Albertsons to grocery after dropping the two guys. Magum had gave me the phone number of an angel in Ridgecrest that I texted.

When we got at the grocery, the angel answered me back and she had room for sleep and could drive me back at Walker Pass on Sunday morning.

The driver let me do the grocery and drove me to the angel’s house. Strangely, the angel wasn’t there only Canary, a hiker that started in March, and Chaski was there and they showed me  the place. I will only see the angel few hours later.  

I did the laundry and the shower and then relax the rest of the day.

Im out and over.

Good night folks.

Total 21.5 miles (32.8km)

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