I will not cover the informations about the Pacific Crest Trail as it haves plenty of website who can provide them. The link below is a good start.

Pacific Crest Trail

Back in November 2015, I started to work a job but even then I was aware, it was not a job for me. I was already in doubt of the route I was following to bring the food on my table. I was also dealing with the tampering effect of my anti-depressant that I was taking in the last two years. Days and night, I was trying to find out what I should do for living. Now that I didn’t have to impress my dad by showing him that I was a man as he was, I was left with the question of what Im passion about? who am I? and what myself have to work a decent living?

I still, up to today, didn’t answer those questions. I know with a certainty I will have, at my retirement, a resume with an array of different fields and I don’t believe in the broad idea of a career. I certainly not want either to define myself from the tittle of my position. A job will bring me to the dreams I want to realize. During that search, I started to pound the idea of an adventure. I fell upon some article of the Trans Canadian Trail but at the time of reading it wasn’t complete entirely. Than I looked through a list of long hiking trail and discovered the Pacific Crest Trail. I knew already about her sister the Appalachian Trail which I read countless stories about it and dream about it. I started to read a bit more about it and the more informations I gained the more it was inflaming an old dream, go for a long adventure. I thought at first to do it in the year of 2016 but the short period to prepare for the trip made me revised it to push it to this year of 2017.

I hold myself to embark in this type of adventures for many years mainly due to my IBS. It took many appointments, medical exams and indifferent doctors to finally understanding,naming and having the tools to deal with this condition I had. I owed what I know about IBS from a wonderful naturopath Dr. Natasha Wrenshall at Sky High Lifestyles. I still have to discover how this IBS will translate in this adventure and I’m prepared mentally that I will not find everything that I need for an healthy diet on the trail. I’m hoping that a balance between food found along the trail and “friendly” food ordered from Amazon will help me to through this adventure.

I am also plague with depression and anxiety. Despite the work I did over the years to come at term with my past, I’m still struggling with down periods from time to time but they are shorter of what they used to be. I have also some strong mental saboteurs. I’m aware of them and at times I can be a Teflon against them or I let myself cradle in their arms listening their soothing destructive music.

The IBS and the depression will be part of the challenge I will deal on the trail with the snow, the desert, the rain, etc. As all this will be a learning process, I will also have to learn to be gentle and caring with myself as I have a competitive mind with my own self therefore I let myself sometimes little room for rest and error. My wacky management of stress will be also parts of my personal challenges.

With this year being an exceptional year in accumulation of snow, I’m excited to the challenge that is upcoming for me. It will give me a chance to learn or honing an array of new skills like use of compass and ice axe.

It will be an amazing adventure and I can’t no longer wait to be out there.