Landers Meadow Spring Campground to Bird Spring Pass

May 19th, 2017

One of the most difficult day I experienced so far.

I woke at 515am since that my sleep had left the building since 330am this morning and no hope could be wish that it call coming back until tonight.

It was another cold morning and it took a while to have my hands warm again. I left at 545am and at 815, I took my breakfast down at Keslo Road 7miles away. My back was already wincing at the weight of the backpack with the extra 5liters of water.

It had a cache of water at Keslo Road and Bird Spring Pass. They are cache of water but you can never rely on as they provided by some locals that may not feed them regularly. It have no way to know until you get there.

Thats why I have to carry 5 extra liters added to the 3liters I usually carry. It is the longest stretch of no water, 43miles in total.

After I reached Keslo Road, I will not see a single forest or even a tree for the rest of the day and it will be a game of up and downs under a sweltering sun.

To add to this the trail is made of loose sand that make my feets sinking making the climbs difficult, the flats unbearable and the down easy.

The weight of my pack made my thighs and hips screaming their efforts.

I was gentle to them taking some small break every half hour. The breaks, unfortunately, had to be under the sun as only found 2spots with some decent shade.

I had tough a little moment of celebration today when I reached the mark of 1000km of the PCT. I wished although I had a friend or two to mark this milestone.

Slowly I made my way to Bird Spring Pass where it was obvious that my body had enough for today.

I set camp at 415 then I had my first dinner than an hour later, two pick up trucks showed up with a massive amount of food. 7 of the other hikers that was there and I had a second dinner. They had brought fried chickens, veggies, sodas, fruits, chips, beers, a huge box of mix bars and cookies with chairs and tables. They hang out with us for a while. Park, a South Korean that I met multiple ┬átimes on the trail but didn’t speak because of little english and also Tobia and Toby, a couple from Germany that sooner today, arrived almost at the end but just on time to enjoy this trail magic. A big thank you, Pat, Bill, your son and the other couples that was with you, you have ended my day on a good note after this tiring day. I wish all of you, health and prosperity.

I’m out and over.

Good night folks.

Total 21.9miles ( 35.04km) plus 0.2miles off trail.

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