Mile 566.4 to Mile 587.4

May 17th, 2017

I woke up at 6am groggy, dizzy, I was not feeling so well. It was drizzling outside.

I got ready and Shrimp woke up. I took my breakfast sat beside her. We spoke a little about a spider.

I looked at the forecast: rain until 11am, gusty wind at 45mph dying tonight.

When Rachel got ready we jumped in her car. She dropped her son at the bus stop then we stopped to pick up Louisa and Will at the hotel. She drove us to the trailhead.

Thank you so much Rachel and your family to have welcome us at your house and gave us so much. My best regards and wishes, you will not be forgotten.

I took off on my own, attacking first the road walk, then the climb up the mountain. As I climbed up the wind started to warm up with some little blow here and there. The clouds was cleaning themselves to send a new batch of rain.

When I got on top, they were well warm up and the new batch to be rain. I got well served for well an hour. I realized then I forgot my beanie on the coffee table. Dang! I will not see until I got to Kennedy Meadows, a week from now when I will see Valentine back

My feet was soaked, my hands frozen and my body cold. Then the trail bring me through some group of trees. I was out of the wind for a bit, good time for a quick brake.

The trail brought me inside of thd forest but I was still hit by the wind that was coming through via some gap but very soon I was only dealing with the cold weather and the fog.

I took a warm lunch to warm up instead of my bag of tuna.

The afternoon was going slowly and it seems my energy was out of town. I kept moving until 415, at this point, I had less than half mile to reach the official campsite.

I was on a plateau surrounded by the tree as I came out, I looked where the trail was going, up on exposed hill. I didn’t felt to camp on exposed ridge with the wind still ptesent so I backtracked and find a little spot shelter of wind living this mile for tomorrow morning.

I’m so tired that I fall asleep right this blog today.

Im out and over.  

Good night folks.

  1. Total 21miles (33.6km)

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