Mile 587.4 to Landers Meadow Spring Campground

May 18th, 2017

I was glad to listen to my intuition. When I walked this morning the 0.8miles separating me of my target of yesterday, I saw how exposed the campsite was and it was higher to.

Tough where I camped, I woke up with a crust of ice. Usually it haves a good gap between the tent and the rainfly but this morning, the rainfly was glued to the tent.

After packing, I left at 630am with the sun shining and the quiet wind. I walked through the shadow of the mountain and is only almost 2hrs later, at my break, that I could rejoiced of sun warming me up.

It was pleasant to sit on a dirt road, laying on my bag, eating my food and having the sun blonding me.

All morning, tough, I felt heavy, like my body was a big deadweight and the motivation was absent. I was nonetheless happy to walk through this beautiful pine forest and enjoyed the smell of it.

I still manage to walk 14miles by one o’clock where I took my lunch and dry my rainfly.

I pursued my walk thinking to stop at mile 612 but when I reached Piute Road, I look on my app and saw that Landers Meadow Spring was the last certain water source of water for the next 43miles.

I made the next 0.8 miles plus 0.2miles off trail to that water source. I met others hikers and I discussed with them the situation. No one had a better news to offer.

Loon and Griswald arrived and they were asking if I was camping here. I was 3miles shy of my target. I listen to my body and prefered to stop here for the night and start fresh tomorrow to carry this 4extra liters of water with the hope, I will run out of water.

I better go to bed if I want some energy to carry this extra water.

Im out and over.

Good night folks.

Total  21.6miles  (34.56km)

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