The end of the OCT

When I grew it had a cartoon Remi, an orphan who he become the apprentice of Vitalis, a troubadour tramping around France with his three dogs and a monkey.

Of course, I was enjoying this animated cartoon with its story fill of adventures and reach something in me who was dreaming, as I mentioned before, that maybe I’m an orphan place in the wrong family. The story was place in a time where roads were of dirt and traffic were horses and carts. It may have been easier at the time to walk from town to town, where law of trespassing probably didn’t exist so camping where you feel like was easier. It may have something to do with my romantic imagination that made this cartoon alive and real in my mind to make attractive and plausible as almost ideal way of living.

The reality is, at default to not be able to recreate the era of this cartoon, walking on the road is awful. A few blocks to grab the coffee, the grocery, the snotty kid, flowers or meet for sushi (oh! I miss that!)  it’s fine and easy but if you do that for 5, 6, 7 miles with a backpack of 40lbs, feet wet and cracked beside cars driving more than 50miles/hr. You add a little bit of narrow shoulder, garbage, boiling sun and asphalt; you have here a modern version of medieval torture.

Unfortunately the Oregon Coast Trail is about 30,40% of road walk, 10% of forest and 10% of creek crossing, the last bit is beach. That 30,40% had the best on my determination, my feet had the best on my perseverance, the pain the best of my pleasure. I wasn’t enjoying this trail as I much as I would love. To add weight to my decision of quitting, I was realizing I wasn’t compatible with Caroline as hiking partner.

Caroline is sweet girl and I wish her the best but she was not hiking like she had a hiking partner and it was increasingly difficult to take care of myself and being part of this trip.

With no grudge taking neither no hard feeling being keep, I made my goodbye yesterday to her and left to a new adventure and she kept going. I hitchhiked to Newport and got a ride with a very lively Ray which Im gratefully thankful for the ride. I had a few hours ahead of me before catching the bus that will bring to Albany where I could catch a bus to Portland.

My sense of timing is somewhat proverbial. I choose to quit the trail on a Saturday and of course, everything was booked for hotel, motel, couchsurfing, airbnb either in Salem or Portland so I had to pick on expensive hotel room in Portland, outside the downtown.

Ok then! Lets make it a week end to pamper.

When we left our campsite at Lincoln City, we hiked all the way to Beverly Beach State Park. We had more road walk especially at the end which Tanner developed some good blisters and he arrived with Laura a good hour after Caroline and I reached the campsite.

The next morning, we started early and left Tanner and Laura behind as they decided to take a zero in Newport. Newport was also the end of long wait for Caroline to get her new cellphone. After 6days her phone died, she had finally her hand on a new one to replace it. We made it to café where she struggled for an hour to have the phone started, luckily with her brother in Germany that she called via Messenger from my phone.

Then we made our way to South Beach State Park making a small day in our trip. It gave the time to Caroline to catch with friends and family. We agrees to give a try to do a 30miles day the next morning to balance with this small day.

We left early in the morning and the morning went well but the afternoon not so well. After a resident of Yachats made a scandal because I peed in the bushes (i have a small bladder what I can do) and then I tried to change my socks so I can do the last 11miles road walk before the campsite. Caroline bolted off and gave little chance to catch her.

We made an unnecessary 2.54miles walk through the forest whom didn’t reduce or change the amount of road walking, Caroline became a Road Runner (asit always turn out when we walk on the road) afraid to finish the road walk in the darkness (quite legitimate as it quite narrow that section). For myself, I became the limpy, thirsty, hungry and exhausted Will E Coyote that could not rely on ACME for a jet pack as it was 640pm and they close at 5pm.

We had walked at that point more than 20miles and by the time we will be at the Washburne State Park it will be somewhere between 32 and 38miles.

At some point, I felt my left ankle swallowing and right feet burning and no matter how hard to push it through, I didn’t have the energy to do it. I was out of turn 7miles out and cramps of hunger 5miles out. At wide pull out, a car was leaving, I sticked my thumbs out. They asked me where I was going and being on their way they offered me a ride.

I suggested earlier to Caroline to hitchhike but she was adamant to do every miles of the trail and when I got the ride it was at least an half hour that I didn’t see her in the distance in front of me. I felt bad to leave her on the road but i had to listen my body that was telling me I was at the end of my day.

It is in this stretch I realized that I could not be compatible with her and instead of being angry at her or miserable the rest of the trip because I wasn’t enjoying the trail, it was time to say goodbye. So long Caroline, wish the best of all and hope you succeed on your journey.

After this gruelling day, the idea of a pampering weekend sounded amazing. I booked a night at the hostel to stay two nights in Portland. I took an expensive cab ride to the hotel. I indulged myself with two hot showers one in the evening and one in the morning. I booked at a barber shop for today an appointment.

As I was relaxing in the morning, I realized that the hostel that I booked wasn’t for tonight but tomorrow. Doh!Doh! Nothing was available for tonight.

Right now Im on the train to Seattle for two nights looking good with beard and hair trim.

Will that be PCT?? Unfortunately not, the snow still to high and maybe, because I’ve been out the trail for to long, the appeal and the vibe of the trail has lost is glitter and sparkle. Will I completed one day, I hope so but not right now.

So what’s next?

We shall see.

For the moment, let me go enjoy my train ride in the only coach that the a/c at broke down. 😩

Im out and over.

Good night folks.

A big thank you to Chelsea from Heritage Barbershop in Portland who had give me the best haircut in months. My best regards.




One thought on “The end of the OCT”

  1. Is there any trail along the Canada/Us border that goes from Pacific to Atlantic? Or you can do Trans Canada trail.
    Don’t give up Mathieu.

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