Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows

May 24th,2017

Total on May 22nd 23.9miles (38.24) from Walker Pass to Mile 676.0

On May 23rd 26.2miles (41.92km) from mile 676 to Kennedy Meadows not including the .5miles into town.

When I woke up the 21st, my IBS decided to kick in and I was not feeling that well so Erica, the trail angel, invited me to stay and I accepted the offer.

On the 22nd, I got a ride back to the trail with Chaski that stayed there to. Chaski had made it clear that he prefered to hike on his own but we followed each other at a distance for a while. Then the distance got bigger where he catched back where I stopped for my lunch. After I didn’t see the rest of the day.

For the first time, I had to take water from an almost dry creek and I had floaties in my water even after filtered it. It was still tasting good.

I decided to push on to do 23miles so the next morning I can start for once with a downhill but the last uphill was more difficult than I was hoping and saw drink more water than wanted to. Im quite happy to see that my body get stronger and now is able to take more miles than I the beggining.

The next morning I left at 5 and started to heading to Kennedy Meadows and it was pleasant to start with a downhill. It seems most of my morning have been starting with an uphill. I had only one uphill that day and although it was going higher the last one I did the day before it was easier.

By 9am the sun was already on broil mode luckily I was almost over with the climb bit I had another 7miles to do before getting to the next source of water and my water was going down fast.

By then, I was thinking that, being closer of the Sierras, it will be more forested than the desert that we were still walking into. By the time I reached Kennedy Meadows, my water was so hot from the heat, it was tasting hot tub and was far to be able to quench my thirst.

Kennedy Meadows is the door to the Sierras and its here everyone get ready to them. This last winter, the Sierras had received a record year of snow. It is more than 500miles through them before approching Sierra City where it start in lower elevation of Northern California.

At this time, it still have some snow on the trail starting about 23miles from here.

Some of the road of resupply are still not open therefore adding more days to reach the town in question.

Instead of the 2 or 3weeks that may ususlly take, it may take up to 5weeks to finish that section. The snow decrease the number of miles you can do a day from 20miles to maybe 10miles.

It is a huge dilemna to either choose to go through it or skip it. The last option impose is own problem. By skipping that section, it project the hiker ahead on schedule and he may face the same problem up north like in Oregon.

At this stage, on the 24th, just before putting my head down. Im weighing my options and can make a clear decision.

One of the options, is to hike until the junction to Lone Pine and then skip ahead or do a road trip.

That option mean hiking at least two days in the snow to get to Lone Pine.

The other option, its to take a shuttle to Lone Pine fron Kennedy Meadows then again skip or road trip.

The road trip will allow me to “waste” 1 or 2weeks before heading to Sierra City and give the chance at snow up there to melt a bit. The cost of it can be the downfall. On my own could suck a bit.

Either way that I start this week or in two at Sierra City and I arrive at the border early, I could come back to to do the Sierras when the snow has melt and enjoy it more.

I feel tough if I dont go through the Sierras or give a try I may miss something, what? I dont know. I dont easily give up and its probably why take the decision is so hard. Im always up for the challenge but this one is imposing and risky. Even giving a try to Lone Pine tempt me but at the same time I doubt I will enjoy it. I don’t have enough experience in mountaineering and the level of snow this year really approach this level of skills.

A little part of me, I had hope to have met by now some hiking partners that we will maybe team up and do it. Im on my own and imposing myself in a team make me uncomfortable. I have that stupid feeling that I dont want to bother people.

Also hiking five weeks in snow doesnt seems that pleasant or even remotely fun. I can only imagine how exhausting it can be. Also, I can only stay in US for 6months.

So hike to Lone Pine or Shuttle? Sierra City now or later? Road trip or not?

Damn mind! Can you make up your mind!!??

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